Meet Athena and her baby brother Aris.  I love the strong names their parents have given them. Do you remember your Greek mythology?  Athena is the daughter of Zeus, Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare.  Aris is derived from Ares, son of Zeus, God of War.

It’s so nice to work with returning clients.  I truly felt like yesterday that Athena was in the studio for her newborn session.  I think she still looks like a baby herself but she’s assuming her role as big sister marvellously and really showing interest and affection towards her new baby brother.  Congratulations on your blessings!!!

With all the rain we had in June, I tried to find some drier spots to do my shoots. I was pretty proud of this find but what I didn’t count on was the dude down the boardwalk who was out enjoying the evening with his dog. He was kind enough to mellow out the boys with his smoke but I’m afraid they might be craving Doritos after the session 😉 Oh and he let his dog dump all over the boardwalk and he left a big pile of spit for us too. Yup, thanks for the memories buddy!
I love sharing the back stories to images because with this one I swear all you’d see is a cute little family playing ring around the rosy and the boys running up and down the boardwalk. LOL!

The love I have for these little girlies is crazy!!!!! They’re an unbelievably sweet family. So laid back and happy 🙂 I love it when they book me 🙂

As we were saying goodbye, mom and dad (both physicians) said to me, “Mary-Anne, I really hope you have a good family doctor because we want you to take our photos forever!”  To which, I replied, um I’m kinda embarrassed now, you’re assuming I visit the doctor.

Meet Jordan at five days fresh.  He was an absolutely delightful baby to capture and his parents were so much fun to hang out with.  I love working with first time parents.  I can’t begin to describe the excitement and energy they bring to the studio.  Most time they’re giddy because everything is so new to them.  It’s exciting to hear their dreams for their new baby.  Baby Jordan’s daddy told me that he couldn’t wait until he turns 18 years old so they can compete in triathlons together.  It’s the sweetest thing!!!!