This is how you party of five 🙂 I used to love that show!

Please welcome baby Zara.  This family is so close to being a three-peat client (I missed out on baby #1).  They make the cutest little humans.  I simply adore them and of course we love chatting about travelling to Hawaii.  One day we’ll coordinate our trips and I capture them in paradise but for now, Markham will have to do.

I met Zachary’s mom over 10 years ago.  Tracy played on my husband’s work softball team.  We’ve seen each other through many milestones over the years: weddings, babies, new homes and puppies.  I was absolutely thrilled when she messaged me to capture her newest addition.  Here are some of his gorgeous details and a shoot featuring their fur baby, Rori.

One of my daily highlights is seeing her daughter Abby who is already seated happily wave to me as my boys board the bus each morning.  She is always so cheerful and her smile is contagious, just like her momma’s.

Congrats on your newest addition!  I look forward to see what the next 10 years will bring.

The other day my client asked me if I liked my job. I said no, I LOVE it!!! The one thing that continues to surprise me is the amazing friendships that I’ve formed through my business.
Meet my friend Jemille Chu-Morrison​. She is one of my earliest clients. She responded to my Kijiji ad and I still remember our first telephone call. I could the excitement in her voice prepping for our maternity and newborn sessions together. I photographed her belly bump and later on her baby girl Savannah in my family room.
Fast forward 7 years later and our families met up in Clearwater Beach, Florida together last month before the kids headed back to school.  She is so generous that she offered to share their condo with us.  Yup, 7 of us piled into a 2 bedroom condo and we had lots of fun adventures together.  The days flew by so quickly!
Jemille is a high school English teacher and she is so dedicated to her job. She was telling me about this project she did with her students last year. She had them write a letter to their future child. The letters were kept private and she said the results were amazing. I was tearing up as she was recounting some of things the students had written.
Yup, she is that sentimental and thoughtful person that everyone needs in their life. I love you Jemille!

I believe Fyza came across me through Facebook.  She messaged me explaining that it had been a while since they’d done a family session.  She visited my studio ahead of time to discuss what she was looking for and she told me not to ask her husband about work because she wanted him relaxed and happy for the session (he has a very stressful job).  I thanked her for the tip because I would have pulled a ‘Mary-Anne’ and put my foot in my mouth and gotten myself in a jam.

We ended up having a fantastic session together.  The kids were great!  We chatted some more at the end of the session and I was telling them about our upcoming road trip to Florida. Her husband gently encouraged me to look into booking flights just for peace of mind and to maximize our family time together.  Thank you so much for your sage advice!  My husband thanks you, our marriage thanks you.