The end of October was glorious!  We finally had a weekend full of sunshine, the fall colours had peeked and I bunched up a lot of sessions that had been previously rained out.  I’m so grateful for fit clients who are always up for a hiking adventure.  I love the smell of fall in the air – so clean, fresh and crisp.  The much added bonus about a fall session – they’re aren’t any bugs 🙂

Meet Mike and Amy.  They’re expecting their first child.  I loved working with them.  They are so calm, polite and they have great smiles and chemistry with one another.  They’re a very cute and stylish couple.  I love the outfits they picked out and Amy’s hair was picture perfect.  If all goes according to plan, their child will be the first in my studio for 2018.  I can’t wait to meet their little one!!!

Meet Melanie and Kent’s beautiful twin girls.  They named them Malia and McKenna.  Malia is older by one minute.  I know from my twin clients that this is something that they love to lord over their sibling.  That one minute plays out to be so important as they’re growing up – LOL!  It’ll end debates, make one more responsible, attach blame, etc.

I just adore these little girlies.  First off, Malia was the girl name that I had chosen for my child but alas with two boys, it never got used.  (As an FYI, it’s Mary in Hawaiian).  And Makena Beach is one of my favourite places in Maui.  I told them that even though they live in Jamaica, they’ll NEED to visit Hawaii with the girls for their namesakes of course.

For me capturing a twin session is like a trip to Disney.  I get so giddy with excitement because it’s double the fun!  Their parents always have a great story to tell about their journey into parenthood.  I’m so incredibly grateful that Melanie and Kent chose me to capture these special moments for them.   Congratulations on your blessings!  I hope to meet you again soon (whether it’s in Jamaica or Hawaii).  I can’t wait to watch your beautiful daughters grow!!!!

I need to give some behind the scenes credit to my friend Jen who literally dropped everything to rush over to help me with the girls.  Jen is a busy mom of four boys and her husband just had hip surgery days before and she was prepping to go in for knee surgery days following this session.  Jen is a baby whisperer extraordinaire!!!  She helped me with syringe feeding, changed diapers and lots of soothing.  I’m so grateful for her help 🙂  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

One night when we were driving back from baseball, my phone rang and the phone number that popped read Kingston, Jamaica. At first I thought it was a telemarketer and almost didn’t answer but then I thought, wait, maybe it’s my client Julie calling. I love Julie and her family! Well my gut was right, this call was related to Julie. She had referred her friend Melanie to me. Melanie and her husband were planning a trip to Canada to visit family and she was wondering if I could take on a last minute maternity session.
Julie is gold in my books so how could I say no to her friends. Little did Melanie know I’m a sucker for a soft Caribbean accent and she was SOOOOO nice on the phone. Plus I could hear her talking to her dog named Marley. They have to be solid people, right?! Julie would never steer me wrong.

We had one window where we could make our maternity session work between both our schedules.  The weather cooperated and it was a tad warm.  I was sweating like crazy but them being from the Jamaica, they weren’t bothered by the heat.  She said it felt like home – LOL!

You’re not going to believe me when I tell you that Julie is expecting twins.  Yup, twin girls at that!!!!  She looks absolutely amazing and that expression where they say when you’re expecting a girl they steal your beauty … yeah, Julie is an absolute outlier!  She’s stunning!!!  Congratulations!  I’m so excited to capture your baby girlies soon 🙂

I’m super behind on sharing all the beautiful families I captured this fall. It was a busy season!  It started off kinda strange with the leaves being green.  But with a little patience after that late summer heat died down, we were rewarded with some spectacular colours and mild fall weather.

Meet Julie and her lovely family.  She was wanted a casual maternity session and she really admired my family work which is more lifestyle, less pose-y.  Hers was one of my favourite sessions I captured this fall.  The colours just peeked, we had amazing light, it was warm and everyone was in a good mood 🙂  I’m so excited to see their little family grow.  Congratulations!

Charlie’s family visited my studio all the way from Nunavut! Yup, that’s far!!! Okay to be fair, they came to Ontario to deliver their baby and be with family during his early days. But seriously, I’m so flattered!
Charlie’s dad is serving with the RCMP and is stationed up north. I asked what life is like in Nunavut and asked what they missed the most. Mom and dad both agreed that they missed fast food. Daddy joked that he needs to hit McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, basically all the fast food joints to get his fix when he visits home. I said surely you must have a Tim Horton’s up there. Nope! Nada! There are no restaurants in their community (just a grocery store).
Not even Chinese take-out. NOTHING!!!! Okay, seriously I would die. I’d miss my Pho and sushi (oh, and, Starbucks). OMG, I sound so first world. I said what to do you when you don’t feel like cooking? He said you have to or you don’t eat. He said you can order from M&Ms in Yellowknife and have your order flown in … so crazy, right???!!!
I was afraid to ask whether they have WiFi. What would you miss?