The love I have for these little girlies is crazy!!!!! They’re an unbelievably sweet family. So laid back and happy ūüôā I love it when they book me ūüôā

As we were saying goodbye, mom and dad (both physicians) said to me, “Mary-Anne, I really hope you have a good family doctor because we want you to take our photos forever!” ¬†To which, I replied, um I’m kinda embarrassed now, you’re assuming I visit the doctor.

Meet Jordan at five days fresh. ¬†He was an absolutely delightful baby to capture and his parents were so much fun to hang out with. ¬†I love working with first time parents. ¬†I can’t begin to describe the excitement and energy they bring to the studio. ¬†Most time they’re giddy because everything is so new to them. ¬†It’s exciting to hear their dreams for their new baby. ¬†Baby Jordan’s daddy told me that he couldn’t wait until he turns 18 years old so they can compete in triathlons together. ¬†It’s the sweetest thing!!!!

I’m so happy that I was able to time my Spring Minis with the blossoms. ¬†It’s always tricky especially with all this rain!!!! ¬†How adorable is this little family?! ¬†Their kiddos had a great amount of energy and curiosity. ¬† I was sad to see our session end.

I’m amazed at so many of my clients that will juggle home renos or a move along with planning the arrival of their little one. ¬†I guess they feel like the pressure is on to get it all done before the baby arrives. ¬†I remember feeling stressed and worried just knowing that I’m going to be a mom soon. ¬†Thinking is this the right car seat and stroller? ¬†How many sleepers do I buy? ¬†I was a little superstitious and didn’t want to take on too much.

Well little Sophia was one of those cases where her family did a big reno before her arrival and the good news was that it was all finished before she made her grand appearance.  I loved our session so much!  She rocked these fresh Spring colours.  Congratulations to Bryan & Brenda on your lovely baby girl!!!